PowerTown Solar provides affordable Southern California residential solar panel systems and energy-saving solutions. Our unique and proven solar power installation process can let you take control of your home energy costs with:


  • Solar power to save money on energy electricity costs
  • Home battery storage to provide energy independence and control
  • Electric vehicle charging stations for your convenience while you eliminate fossil fuels from your daily commute
  • Energy efficient LED lighting and fixtures to reduce energy consumption 80%
  • Proper ventilation systems that cool your house down for pennies


Saving you money from the start and long term

Everything we do at PowerTown Solar is focused on delivering your home the best solar energy-saving services while saving you money. Our cost-savings benefits include:


  • Requiring no deposit to save you money up front
  • Offering low financing rates with balances transferable to new owners
  • Saving you up to $135,000 over the next 25 years while increasing the value of your home
  • Your debt is repaid long before the useful life of the products ends
  • Allowing you to produce low, predictable electricity costs for decades
  • Eliminating unexpected energy hikes by using renewable solar power


PowerTown Solar guarantees that we will install your solar energy system within six weeks or we will continue to pay your energy bill until the solar panel system is installed. We serve homeowners from Los Angeles to San Bernardino to San Diego, contact us today at 844-769-3721.