PowerTown Solar provides affordable commercial solar power systems for Southern California, as well as efficient LED lighting and ventilation systems. PowerTown Solar can drastically reduce and let you take control of your energy costs by:


  • Delivering immediate and long-term, energy-saving solutions
  • Allowing you to produce low, predictable electricity costs for years
  • Eliminating unexpected energy hikes by using renewable solar energy
  • Collecting net metering credits by sending unused energy back to the grid


Solar power is just the beginning of our energy solutions

In addition to our solar panel systems, we are often able to provide commercial LED lighting solutions that reduce energy consumption and lower maintenance costs for commercial facilities. These services include:


  • Replacing or retrofitting old high bay lighting with the latest energy efficient LED fixtures or systems to reduce energy consumption more than 60%


  • Automatic occupancy sensors that turn lights on only when needed to deliver an immediate positive impact on your bottom line


  • Our lighting analysis allows us to provide proper illumination more evenly with natural colors and maintain over 45% more of lifetime power over HID lighting


  • LED lighting that lasts five times longer than HID lamps to save you thousands over the life of your system


Saving you money from the start

Everything we do at PowerTown Solar is focused on delivering your business the best energy solution while saving you money. Our cost-savings include:


  • No deposit required, saving you money up front
  • Low financing rates with balances transferable to new owners
  • Industrial customers save up to 10% on utility bills the first year
  • Your debt is repaid long before the useful life of the products ends


We serve businesses from Los Angeles to San Bernardino to San Diego with business solar panel installations. Contact us today at 844-769-3721 for a no cost analysis of your energy and lighting systems.