The dedicated electric vehicle charging station you need

You need a professional to determine the proper electric vehicle charging station for your home. Most electric vehicles require a high-power 240 Volt outlet or wall charger to recharge batteries at a reasonable rate. Lower capacity vehicles, like the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, can utilize as little as a 30 Amp circuit to charge batteries fully in just a few hours. Higher capacity vehicles like the Tesla Model S can be charged with up to a 100 Amp dedicated circuit. For example, the highest capacity Tesla Model S can charge in less than 5 hours with a 100 Amp charger but can take over 65 hours to charge using a normal household outlet. PowerTown has installed numerous dedicated electric vehicle charging circuits for Teslas, Volts, Leafs, and Toyotas.

Electrical load calculations

Before purchasing an electric vehicle, contact PowerTown to perform an electrical load calculation to determine the maximum Amperage circuit that can be installed to charge your new vehicle. The circuit size directly influences the vehicle’s charging time. Many homes lack the required infrastructure to install a high power 240 Volt electric vehicle charging circuit. PowerTown can help with deciding what size circuit would be best for your electric vehicle charging station or the changes you would need to make to charge your vehicle the fastest.


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